Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding TIGERSECU 2MP&5MP Series DVR

Dear Customers:

Thanks for choosing our TIGERSECU DVRs! All our 960P&1080p&2mp&5mp systems are backed up with a 2-year warranty. And we’re always here to help you to make sure you enjoy using the system. You may contact us via email:, we will always reply back to you within 12 hours. (Mon.-Fri.)

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions:

Q1: Is this DVR compatible with the cameras I have?

A1: Please let us know the model number of the camera you have (usually on the side of the camera you have) and we’re more than happy to check it out for you.

Or you may check it out yourself by search the model number of the camera you have on Amazon, then using the keyword: compatible (to see whether it is compatible only with their own brand camera).

In most cases, D1, AHD, CVI, TVI cameras are compatible with our 2MP&5MP DVR.

SDI cameras are not compatible with TIGERSECU DVRs.

Q2: I forgot the password for my DVR, what should I do?

A2: If you forget the password, you may go to Main Menu – Maintenance -Reset Default to set the DVR to factory default settings. The default username is admin and the password is 00000000 (eight zeros).

If you locked the system and forgot the password, please contact us through with your Amazon order number.

Q3: I don’t have a TV monitor, is there any way I could connect the DVR to my laptop monitor?

A3: Sorry, a laptop monitor cannot be used as a monitor for the DVR. But, we do offer a remote-control client called TIGERSECU CMS (the same interface as the DVR) for both Windows and Mac systems.

Step 1. To find the DVR information (such as the UID and QR code) for programming the remote control, you will need a TV/computer monitor to initially set the DVR up.

Step 2. After that, you may disconnect the monitor and use the TIGERSECU CMS client to view and backup files remotely.

Click here to download the CMS for Windows:

Click here to download the CMS for Mac System:

Q4. I purchased three sets of TIGERSECU DVR, could I use the same app on my phone to keep track of all my DVRs?

A4: For Super HD 2MP and Professional 5MP DVR system, you may use “TIGERSECU HD Viewer” to keep track of all your DVRs.

For HD-TVI (1080P) and AHD (960P) systems, download “Videodefence” from the App Store or Google Play.

Q5. Can I upgrade the HDD to 4TB or more myself?

A5: Sure, you can.

• 4-Channel and 8-Channel DVRs support up to a 16TB hard drive.

• 16-Channel DVRs support up to two 16TB hard drives. You may purchase these separately and replace the original hard drive.

Q6. Can I buy longer cables? So that I can mount the cameras further from the DVR.

A6: Yes, just search TIGERSECU 60ft cables or other brands 100ft cables on Amazon.

Q7. The DVR does not detect my USB flash drive when I try to download video recordings or upgrade the firmware.

A7: Try these steps:

1. Insert the USB flash drive into a computer USB port to test whether it is working properly. If it doesn’t work, you need another USB flash drive.

2. Reinsert the USB flash drive into the DVR USB port and ensure it is firmly connected to the DVR.

3. If it still won’t connect, remove the USB flash drive and check whether the USB port works by inserting the mouse USB connector into the USB port.

Q8. I’d like to receive notifications when motion is detected on my phone. What should I do?

A8: Motion detection function is enabled by default on the DVR. Following the steps below to receive a motion alert on your phone.

1. Login TIGERSECU HD Viewer from App Store or Google Play.

2. Open push alert function by tapping the Control icon, change the status from UnNotify to Notify. Please ensure the notification function is enabled for the app on your phone.

3. Go to the DVR – Main Menu – Motion Menu – Motion (Check) – Trigger Setting – Linkage Action – Notification (Check) – Notification Setup –Choose the name of your phone – Click OK.

4. Then you will receive a notification on your phone when motion is detected.

Q9. How to record only when motion is detected?

A9: Step 1: Go to Main Menu – Motion – Enable Motion – Copy to All Channels, then click Apply. (Enabled by default)

Step 2: Go to Main Menu – Record Menu – Schedule – Choose Type Event (Motion) Recording– left-click the mouse on the timetable to choose the time range. Click Enable Schedule. Finally, click Apply.

Then the DVR will only record when motion is detected.

Q10. How to record audio?

A10: The DVR supports recording audio for Channel 1, 2, 3, 4. And audio pickup devices need to be purchased separately. After installing the device, you may go to Main Menu – Record – Video&Audio –Enable Record Audio, then copy to the channels connected with audio pickup devices.

Q11: The DVR cannot detect my hard drive, what should I do?

Will you please power off the DVR, then open the DVR box, make sure the hard drive cable (one for power, one for data) is firmly connected to the DVR and the hard drive?

Make sure you use the power supply that is supplied with the DVR. Using the wrong power supply may cause the hard drive not to be recognized.

Then, please try another hard drive, restart the system to see whether the DVR detects the hard drive this time. 

If still not, please contact us ( so we could help you out. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Q12: The time seems not right on my DVR.

A12: Please setup the right time zone and DST accordingly. Then go to Main Menu- Configuration Menu – Time Settings – Enable NTP Server, and choose Update now (please make sure the DVR connects to the network already). If after that, the time is still not right, you may try switching the button cell to see whether it solve the issue.

Q13: Will the DVR automatically overwrite the data or do I need to format the hard drive every time it is full?

A13: Sure the DVR will automatically overwrite. In this case, if you go to the DVR, Main Menu- Hard drive, you will find the FREE space is 0. That’s normal please don’t worry.

Q14: I cannot login via my phone, please help.

A14: Sure. If it is possible, please set the network type to DHCP. And please make sure the network cable is firmly connected to the DVR and the light is flashing.

Then please send us ( two images, one the QR code page, second the network page. So we could test it out for you. And if you’re T-mobile users, you may need to do port forwarding, please check the user guide for more instructions.

Click here to download the latest version of the user guide:

13 thoughts on “Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding TIGERSECU 2MP&5MP Series DVR

    • Tigersecu says:

      Hi Ken,

      Thanks for your question. You may go to the DVR Main menu > Network menu > QR Code > you will see the UID and QR Code here for remote access.

      Feel free to contact us at if you need further help.

      TIGERSECU Customer Experience

    • Tigersecu says:

      Hi Ken,

      Thanks for your question!

      You may connect the DVR to a monitor first. Then go to the DVR Main Menu, Network Menu, QR Code. You will find the QR Code there.

      I hope it helps.


      Customer Experience
      TIGERSECU, Inc.

  1. Dale Ames says:

    I can’t see the picture on one of my cameras, could see it on my old swann system. The camera uses a wireless transmitter receiver because of distance between (244m)or 800′. The transmitter& receiver is a 12 channel 5g analog unit.
    Can you recommend a remedy.
    My unit is the Tigersecu Super HD 5mp 302 series.
    Thank You

    • Tigersecu says:

      Hi Dale,

      Thanks for contacting us. Could you please provide the model number of your camera?

      Are the other working cameras also using the wireless transmitter receiver to connect to the DVR?

      You may send more detailed information to our email, we will try our best to help you.

      TIGERSECU Customer Experience

    • Tigersecu says:

      Hi Dale,

      Thanks for your question!

      Please kindly noted that there is a chance the camera is not compatible with our system. Will you please let us know the model number of your camera so we could check it out for you?


      Customer Experience
      TIGERSECU, Inc.

  2. Rick Bramer says:

    I need to repalce my Q See QT428 dvr and drive. Will your TIGERSECU Super HD 1080P H.265 work so I can plug in the 4 cameras without different connections, etc.?

  3. Ed Winckler says:

    My system does not show any events on the calendar. It did before, but stopped without any changes by me. The hdd shows 1.8/1.8 recorded and I have the auto overwrite enabled.

    • Tigersecu says:

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for your qustion!

      Will you please go to the menu bar, choose record, then choose continuous record, to see whether it helps?

      If still not, you may go to the DVR Main Menu, Maintenance Menu, choose Reset Default to reset the DVR back to factory default settings.

      I hope it helps.


      Customer Experience
      TIGERSECU, Inc.

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